Clip System Corner Hinges

These Clip System Corner Hinges converts L-shaped corner cabinet's into 100% accessible space achieving optimal storage. Its wide range of finishes and customisation options allow creating both contemporary style and seamless designs.

The Corner Hinges come in a set of caps, catches, connectors & mouldings. Each which do the following: 

CAPS - Set of caps that allow the unit to be customised by inserting a flat sheet that matches the cupboard, (width 31 mm; thickness from 0,4 to 2 mm). 

CATCHES - Keeps the doors correctly aligned & its roller prevents damage to the adjacent door.

CONNECTORS - Cut down or join several units in order to get the required height. 

MOULDINGS - The mouldings provide a flush finish at the hinge when the Clip System Extrusion Handles are used.


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