Handle Care

Handle Care 

We have been receiving various enquiries regarding cleaning handles, especially during the pandemic. Please be extra mindful when using hand sanitizer as the harsh alcohol base can impact the finish.

Taking care of your handles do not require abrasive chemicals. We highly recommend cleaning the handles by just using a microfibre cloth with warm water. To dry the handles use a soft cloth.

All overlay Pulls need to be rebated into the top 1.5mm. This will prevent scratches from the above draws.

Our Warranty is for 12 months period but excludes the following.

Avoiding Damage to Handle Surface

To prevent damage to your handles when cleaning do not use:

  • Cleaning agents containing soda, ammonia, acids or chlorides
  • Cleaning agents containing descaling agents
  • Abrasive cleaning agents e.g. powder cleaners and cream cleaners
  • Solvent-based cleaning agents
  • Stainless steel cleaners
  • Oven sprays
  • Glass cleaning agents
  • Hard Abrasive sponges and brushes e.g. pot scourers
  • Dirt erasers
  • Sharp metal scraper
Black Handles & Powdercoated Handles

Brushed Gold, Satin Black, Matt Black and including all other powder coated finishes

These handles are all classified as a soft metal finish. Deterioration is possible from the following:

  • Scratches from keys rings etc
  • Some climatic conditions i.e. direct sunlight can result in colour fading.

They are not recommended for high use areas. Like all handles only clean with damp cloth.